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Convey-O-Track Series(TM)
Automotive Conveyor Control


Largest Selection of Singlespeed, Multiturn & Explosion-Proof Conveyor Tracking BRUSHLESS Resolvers                                                                                   


* True Product Yield Confidence
* Guaranteed Precision
* Conveyor Smoothness
* Consistency
* Fault Detection & Early Warn
* True Closed loop control
* Positive conveyor grab
* No programming possible
* Cannot modify by computer
* Simple distributed controller
* Conveyor tracking features
* High Reliability
* No PLC required, yet compatible
* No Adjustments Required



* Absolute Position Synchronization
* Fixed Crystal controlled Precision
* Reliable LSI Technology
* High Noise Immunity RFI/EMI
* Transformer Isolated Sen
* Retrofits with all existing SELSYN's* & Cables
* Compatible with highly reliable Brushless Resolver Transducers
* Stand-Alone Distributed Control
* PLC Compatible Data Port For
Conveyor Tracking Ability

* Simple wire and run Automotive Assembly-Plant Conveyor Control
* No programming required
* Mainteninance free, minimizes down time without the need of a programmer
* Large Installed Base, Well Proven Automotive Conveyor Control

* Simple Back-up control, and allows simple Automatic verses Manual Control switch-over too
* Compatible with all AC and DC motor drives
* Commonly used to control production line speed and Conveyor to Conveyor Position Synchronization for:
 Overheads, Power and Free, floor conveyors, turn-arounds, elevators, ELPO Phosphate Dip Conveyors,
 Paint Conveyors, and Parts Delivery Marriage, and Final Line Conveyors
* Perfect Product Line Rate Control

* Accurate Conveyor to Conveyor Absolute Position Synchronization
* Simple Thumbwheel set Job Rate Setting (Line setters) and Null Synch Adjust-Offset on Conveyor Synchronizers
* Smoother Tightly Controlled Conveyor Positioning
* Interchange conveyor control type with ease: from synchronized to adjacent conveyor verses stand-alone line rate control and vice versa
* May be installed either local on the conveyor floor or in remote Motor Control Rooms over 1/2 a mile away

* Ultra-Reliable Proven Brushless Resolver Sensors Track the Absolute Conveyor Position
* Explosion-Proof Brushless Resolvers available for use in Paint Shop locations
* Built-in instrumentation displays to more easily identify Mechanical issues and diagnosing Maintenance needs
* Reliable Brushless Resolver Sensors or use of existing Selsyn sensors interchangeably
* Solid State Reliable Selsyn System Compliment and Replacement
* PLC compatible simple control, and absolute conveyor position feedback data port
* Direct Slow Limit output or data port that can be used to directly activate audibles for And-on alert

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