CP3000 3U cPCI and PXI Compatible, Universal Programmable Synchro, Resolver and LVDT Converter.

* Universal AC Sensor interface digitizes up to 8 channels of individually Programmable Synchro, Resolver and LVDT / RVDT sensor inputs on a common 3U cPCI (Compact PCI) and PXI compatible plug-in circuit card.

* Product allows users to interface into the widest variety of AC Position sensors all programmable within a single card.

* A must have for anyone using or instrumenting: LVDT - RVDT's, Synchro and, or Resolver sensors, electronic gauging, motion monitoring and control.

Commercial and Industrial applications include: Printing, Automated inspection apparatus, servo-valve and hydraulic positioning, gauging, thickness run-out and contour monitoring, roll-gap control and differential synchronization, synchronizers, web tensioners, structure testing, precision optics alignment, stabilizers, levelers, automated in-line assembly and material handling machines.

Commercial and Defense applications include: Pan and Tilts, Aircraft test stands and instrumentation, Radiology, engine, motor and drive positioners and test stands, windmill instrumentation and blade angle profiling, turret and camera stabilizing, antenna and meteorology.

High Voltage Industrial and Defense Applications: Naval and Maritime; gyro interface, navigation and charting, radars, UAV's, Steel Mills, Automotive Conveyors, Floating Oil-rig leg-jacks, and Sluice Gate Controls used in water works.

Key Product Features:

The CP3000 is a Universal Synchro, Resolver and LVDT Converter that provides up to 8 channels of individually Transformer Isolated and individually programmable sensor input that includes 3 wire Selsyn or Synchro Format, 4 wire Resolver (Sine Cosine) Format, 2 or 3 wire LVDT / RVDT format, and both 2 wire Linear or Sine weighted Control Transformer type format.

The CP3000 has auto-ranging inputs to accommodate 1-28VAC signal inputs over a frequency range of 47-10,000 Hz..16 Bit resolution is provided on both Position and Velocity / tachometer outputs, accuracy is better then 1 arc minute, and each channel dynamically tracks input rates of up to 152 Revolutions/Second. CP3001 is a universal high voltage variant that accepts up to 8 channels of Isolated 30-90/115VAC @ 47-10,000Hz., (60/400) synchro inputs.

Cards feature auto-ranging of inputs, programmable bandwidth, internal auto-calibration, extensive built in auto-self-test that includes loss of field signal and reference inputs and programmable step-input limit detect. The Ratiometric Tracking-Conversion Technique provides dynamic lag-free position feedback with inherent field-sensor temperature compensation, and it's synthesized reference feature accommodates phase shifts of up to +/-60 degrees. Power input only requires +5 and +3.3VDC off the cPCI or PXI compatible Backplane.

Signal inputs are independently transformer isolated on-board withstanding >500VDC high pot, using MIL-27 compliant high impedance transformers that allow tying on to existing sensors without loading or disturbing existing installations and without the fear of oscillations, ground loops or suffering ground induced noise, cross-talk, or interference. The sensors reference inputs meet the same criteria above, and individual reference sources can be wired as either external inputs or internally provided on-board.

Multi-speed and Multi-turn absolute position feedback is supported with both conventional and vernier ratio's to 256, providing resolutions of up to 24 bit precision. To compliment the CP3000, Computer Conversions manufactures a comprehensive line of brushless single and multi-turn Resolvers in: miniature, ruggedized, and environmentally sealed - wide temperature variants to upgrade any motion control system to provide true accurate absolute position feedback and control.

Options include: 1-4 independent: very high efficiency, high power, individually Transformer Isolated, Fully Programmable Reference - Excitation outputs to power the field mounted AC sensor(s) from the same board. Each Reference Output is individually Programmable from 2-28VAC over a frequency range of 360-10,000Hz., and each is capable of driving up to a full 5VA. load. The reference supplies drive both resistive and inductive loads suitable to drive any type AC sensor, and the reference supply power input requires only +12VDC. Because no -12VDC is required these cards are compatible with all standard cPCI power supplies that normally provide nil if any -12VDC power.

Incremental encoder emulated outputs using RS422 compatible differential line drivers, are optioned for direct compatibility with low cost incremental encoder based motion controls and for drives demanding this format for position and velocity feedback. Differentials provide dynamic lag-free incremental encoder outputs for direct drive inputs to control: absolute position synchronization, platform stabilization, and low-cost sequenced tool control.

Software support includes Windows and Linux compatible Drivers. Windows drivers include demonstration programs in C/C++, Visual Basic and LabView with source code. Linux Drivers include Demonstration programs in command line C and generic C with Windows like GUI and source code on all.

Developed and manufactured by Computer Conversions Corp. in East Northport New York, USA.

Computer Conversions Corporation is a world leader in the manufacture of AC Sensor-converters: bus-boards, display, instrumentation, and simulation products, for over 40 years, and are the proud recipients of the BOEING Company Presidents award.

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