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Shaft Tracker™
Absolute & Incremental Outputs.
No External Electronics, Ultra-Reliable electromagnetic encoder with Real-time Incremental Quadrature Square & Serial/Shifted Absolute Position Data in one.
Resolution: 1024-4096 parts/turn.
Nema 12, Size 25 std. Flange Mount. Single +5VDC, or 10-30VDC power-in. Isolated Multidrop RS485 Differential outputs. Replaces Disposable Opticals.

MultiTurn Shaft Tracker™
Same features as above.
Available -40degree C to +85 degree C and Military Grade Extended Temperature -55 degree C to +105 degree C.
4 to 128 turn variations.
Resolution: up to 22 bits.


Snaptrak™ Encoders
Resolution 100 to 65,536 parts/turn. Basic full function system, =12 or +15VDC power in, buffered 5v TTL or Open Collector 5-30VDC logic outputs. All digital output formats, BIN, BCD, Gray Code, Absolute & Incremental available. Remote offset Option

DC Snaptrak units feature analog 0-10VDC, +/-10VDC, and 4-20ma. current loop outputs. +12 or 24VDC power in. High reliability electromagnetic (no wear) pot replacers. 1000’ long cables. Rotary differentials available too. 


Track II™ Encoders
Value added system, 24VDC power in, field selectable 5, 15, or 24VDC logic level outputs. Opto-Isolated PLC Handshake, Position status LEDs & Remote Zero set Std. BCD, Binary, Gray Code outputs, Incremental output option. Rotary differentials & Limit Switch available.
Resolution: 4096 parts/turn


Multitrak™ Encoders
Multiturn absolute encoder systems. Resolution 65,536 representing 1-128 turns full absolute range of travel. All features Std. +24VDC power in, field selectable 5, 15, or 24VDC logic level outputs, binary data, Opto-Isolated PLC handshakes for data latch, watchdog, and multiplex enable. Real-time incremental outputs too. Status LEDs & remote zero set. Built in test & cable disconnect.