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Multiturn Transducers


The MGT Series Multiturn Transducers feature all of the advantages of Computer Conversions GT (signal speed) transducers, while providing true absolute position coverage over many revolutions of shaft input.
Multiturn Transducers are frequently used on precise linear position measurement and control related applications. When used to measure circumference; Multiturn Transducers provide very high accuracy, absolute singleturn performance, with a moderate cost.
The MGT Transducer contains fine and coarse feedback elements coupled to a single rotary shaft input. The fine speed element measures the accurate high speed position information (typically) corresponding to a single revolution of shaft input. The coarse speed measuring element provides position information representing a specified quantity of revolutions, to provide true absolute coverage over the full electrical range of travel. Because all full scale ratios are exact; zero rollovers cannot accumulate error on; chain conveyor rotary table, carousel and cycle related apparatus.
Computer Conversions Multiturn Transducers are maintenance free, field proven, rugged, and reliable position sensors; suitable for use in virtually any Industrial or Military application.

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